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Recycle your Lures

Send in your damaged FFSlures for recycling and we will send, a pack of lures of your choice, to your door,


What next?

  1. Send 10 qualifying lures (see terms and conditions) by post.

  2. Add a note including

    1. Your return addess 

    2. What lures from the current line up you want.

  3. Wait for your lures to arrive.

  4. Catch more fish

  5. Rinse and repeat.

Hold onto your old lures (Website) (Instagram Post) (1).png

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only applies to lures made by FFSLures and the current, single colour selection. 

  2. Older, dual colour lures cannot be accepted.

  3. Returned lures must be recognisable as FFSLures

  4. 1 returned lure will be deemed as such so long as it is at least 60% of it's original size 

  5. 10 returned lures will be redeemed for a pack of 5 lures from the same category returned

    1. eg. 10 damaged Category 1 lures can be redeemed for 1 pack of 5, 40mm Craw21​

  6. Lures will be categorized by size

    1. Category 1 - Small​

      1. 40mm Craw21​

      2. 50mm K2

      3. 50mm FFS

      4. INBE

      5. Super Finesse Worm 

      6. 50mm  Finesse Fry

      7. 50mm Finesse Fluke

      8. 35mm Micro Frog

    2. Category 2 - Medium

      1. 60mm Craw21​

      2. 75mm K2

      3. 75mm FFS

      4. 75mm Finesse Fry

      5. 75mm Finesse Fluke

      6. 40mm Micro Frog

      7. 50mm Micro Frog

    3. Category 3 - Large

      1. 100mm Finesse Fluke​

      2. 100mm Finesse Fry

      3. Finesse Worm

  7. Colours that bleed must be seperated 

  8. White lures stained by silt, chlorophyl or other matter cannot be recycled.

  9. Please use original packaging where possible.

  10. A tracked postal service is advised when returning lures, no resposibility can be taken by FFSLures for lost post.

  11. Return postage shall be Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class

  12. Return you lures to:  FFSLures, 139D Wisbech Road, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 8ET

  13. Only applicable to UK

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